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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On Monday night as i was strolling home, somewhere between getting serenaded by a drunk older Portuguese man and my apartment I stumbled upon this, a positive defecation of city property! I am not sure if you can see it, it was rather dark when I snapped the picture, but the first one says "i just called to say I love you" and the second one "peace and unity". It was wonderful to see/think about before i drifted off to sleep!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Participate dont Anticipate

Right now I have so many daily count downs going on in my head, 233 days till i board a flight to portugal and spend 6 months in Europe, 4 more shifts at my current job, 5 more days until I can get into the kitchen at my new job and start working, and a day and a half till my favorite yoga class (and getting to see my bestest friend). I am sure there are more since I tend to live my life by lists and countdowns and progress reports. I think what I need is to live more in the moment and stop anticipating.  Appreciating what I am so lucky enough to be experiencing right now at this very moment, and think about tomorrow tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday :)

I love you


Monday, July 11, 2011

Welcomed back with a smile!

I haven't written in about 3 months....just love me, and understand that sometimes life grabs you by your ankles and spins you around a few time. Throws your priority list out the window and makes you rethink your entire life.

But now I am back, and in full force, with a new look on life and a softer heart.

Last week I went to the most amazing Yoga class I have ever been to in my life. It was out doors, at Dufferin Grove Park here in Toronto, AND it was free. I think the reason I completely enjoyed myself was because the class was spiritual as well as physical. I have been finding it hard to connect with a teacher/class here in Toronto because I find most of them just focus on the physical side. My person belief is that one needs both. Spirituality to be strong of heart and mind, and physicality to be strong of arms and legs. I missed being reminded to smile while i was gliding from down ward dog to plank position. The class was put on by a studio called Kula, I strongly suggest you come check out the in the park class, Thursday from 6-7 at Dufferin Grove Park (right across from dufferin mall) just look for the flags and the wonderful people.

I bet you are wondering what does that cute little monkey have to do with this post, well nothing, I just figured that if I didn't make you smile at least once in this post, She would do the trick! Happy Monday Everyone!!! Enjoy your day!

I love you