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Sunday, September 18, 2011

come on ontario....show me what you got!

Welcome to Ontario fall and thank you for the wonderful food that comes along with you! Tonight my family and I enjoyed a dinner of these fall favorites in Ontario. probably my favorite meal in months! I tried for the first time an Ambercup Squash. IT WAS AMAZING! cubed and boiled just till tender then fried in butter....yummmm, my mom mad her famous fried potatoes, we had oven roasted cauliflower and beets, parsnips and chicken breasts. Also a yummy strawberry cheese cake to wash it down....did i mention it was my sister in laws birthday :) Cheesecake is her favorite!!

More posts to come very soon! Hope everyone is well! 

Take care ladies and gents! 

Love Kristen! 

oh and HAPPY FALL!

Is that a goat on the roof? Sarah in BC

   Ah, yes Coombs! The place, where picnics are made, quite literally. It’s a tiny little village north of Nanaimo, on your way to Parksville, Tofino, and Uculet, and it does in fact have goats living on the roof.

  In earlier years this place sported Ferris Wheels, train rides, and photo opps with a giant stuffed gorilla in a Volkswagen beetle (older model of course). The beetle is still there, but the gorilla, I think, has given in to the elements. Now what stands is a handful of tacky clothing stores, antique stores, and a hemp store, above an army supply store. Does anyone else find that last one funny?

  What it does have is a giant market! They have sauces and condiments from all over the world, candies, pickles, jams, fresh made breads and other baked goods. They even sell dishes too eat it on, I myself have just bought a set. There is a cafeteria style restaurant, where they sell homemade pizzas, and sausage rolls, and other yummy treats. But for us do-it-yourselfers, the market is the key.

  Twice this year I have stopped there, because it is in fact a great place to get all the fixin’s for your picnic. The first stop is there “deli” counter, which in place of smoked turkey and ham, they have smoked, mapled, candied, peppered, and even jerkied salmon. We usually get a little bit of each; it’s so hard to choose!

  Next we stock up on cheese curds, olives, bread, (the three cheese is this year’s favourite) and an array of soda’s and juices. A mix of veggies, to go with our spicy cheddar and blue cheese dip, and fresh strawberries for dessert, we are now set for whatever adventure we have planned. Even if the adventure is eating our picnic, while watching goats hang out on the roof.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Win three city walk iPhone applications to cities of your choice, courtesy of GPSmyCity.com. Correctly answer all ten questions about Toronto below and e-mail them to quiz@gpsmycity.com for your chance to win. It's that simple. Good luck!"


Toronto Fun Facts Quiz:

1. Within a 160 km radius of Toronto lives _____ of Canada's population.
A. Half
B. One third
C. One quarter

2. On what building can one find a giant neon weather station?
A. Canada Life Building
B. National Trust Tower
C. First Canadian Place

3. How many languages are estimated to be spoken throughout the city?
A. 50+
B. 100+
C. 200+

4. Which one of these movie stars was not born in the city of Toronto?
A. Christopher Plummer
B. Mia Kirshner
C. Jim Carrey

5. The CN Tower held its record of the world's tallest building for 34 years, until the Burj Khalifa and Canton Tower were built. It now remains the tallest free-standing structure in:
A. North America
B. the Americas
C. the Western Hemisphere

6. A serious ____ occurred in 1995. It was the worst day in Toronto history.
A. Subway crash
B. Fire
C. Storm

7. What do Bloor Street, Danforth Avenue and McCowan Road have in common?
A. They are all the same street
B. They run diagonal
C. They all run west-east

8. In 2006, City Hall told which group of people to leave and never come back?
A. Charlie's Angels
B. Guardian Angels
C. Black Angels

9. Which of these cities is not officially part of the Greater Toronto Area, but is still considered by some as "part of Toronto"?
A. Oakville
B. Hamilton
C. Pickering

10. Toronto has had many city-nicknames along the years. How was Toronto never called like?
A. Hogtown
B. the City that Sleeps
C. The Big Smoke

So Make sure you send all your answers to quiz@gpsmycity.com for your chance to win!

Good Luck to all my readers :)


Good Food and Good Wine...Life is Good!- Sarah In BC

  While driving through the interior of B.C., you should never miss the opportunity to stop in the Thompson Okanagan, or The Okanagan. It was settled by fur traders in 1812, and in the 1860’s, farmers started planting the orchards and vineyards for which it is now known. Here you get the best of everything, lakes and beaches, and mountains in every sky line. From camping, to boating, to skiing and snowboarding, there is defiantly something for everyone.
  But on to the important part, food and wine! Our first stop on our journey was Davidson’s orchards. More of a tourist destination than farm, it has tree orchards, grapes, a petting zoo, and of course a country store with fresh baked goods, homemade soaps and lotions, and locally made jewellery and gifts. Entertaining enough, a short walk through an orchard is a great way to start your morning.
  Next to the wineries! We really had no back ground knowledge of the some 120 different places we could stop, so we drove around and randomly picked one. I really have nothing to compare with, but I can say I was very impressed with our choice. Ex Nihilo, in Latin meaning “Out of nothing” was inspired by a love of wine and art, and evidence of this is everywhere, from their beautiful tasting room to the bottles they design. Unfortunately their wines are only available through the winery itself, not through the LBCO or liquor stores. My favourite by far was their pinot noir ice wine, 150 dollars a bottle.
  Time for lunch, my favourite part. By suggestion of our very knowledgeable wine guide, we drove out to Sparkling Hill resort in Vernon, the northern part of the Okanagan. The calling card to this hotel is the 3.5 million Swarovski crystals they have “sparkling” up the joint. Chandeliers, glass doors, statues, this stuff is everywhere! They have 2 dining rooms, Peakfine, for fine dining in the evening, and Barrique & Java, for slightly more casual afternoon dining. Monte Cristo sandwich, and quinoa salad, tuna melt on Panini and roasted red pepper soup, and of course some wine, made 2 very happy ladies that afternoon. So happy in fact we indulged in some dessert, raspberry cream tarts, and rhubarb crisp with orange sorbet. Clearly you can see why the Okanagan has adopted the phrase “Life is Good!”  

Have a Great Long weekend ladies and gents! 
Love Sarah