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Friday, November 2, 2012



Current television commercials would lead you to believe that it is important to clean every surface with an antibacterial...even spray the air around your children's toys, but is the "antibacterial mania" really doing us any good?

Its not only lowering human defenses against germs, but our obsession with the stuff could lead to/breed drug- resistant bug strains. for example: Tufts University did a study with E.coli, and found that the E.coli that survived the antibacterial treatment became resistant to 7 out of 12 strains of antibiotics...are we helping create our own super germs?

Germ phobia isn't just hurting our own defences, its also hurting the earths. Trictosan and Triclocarbon (the two main active anti bacterial ingredients) have been finding their ways into river, streams and lakes. Although companies say T&T are suppose to break down quickly, studies show that about 75% makes it past sewage treatment plants. What is even more disturbing is that alot of municipalities spread sewage sludge on their farm Fields....farm to table or sink to table? Add sun to these chemicals in the water and you get a mild Dioxin....a carcinogenic hormone disruptor.

UK supermarkets banned the substance in 2003...no word yet on where Canada stands on the subject accept that "they are looking into it".

And really why use T&T in the first place, there is no study that proves that it is more affective at reducing household infections then a regular bar of "the soap works" soap.

Hand sanitizer or "adult baby wipes" are a little bit better. They contain alcohol derived from wheat and don't contain T&T, but beware of mainstream brands containing coal tar, artificial perfumes and petroleum.

Science makes this daunting to read, but just stick with your gut and make sure you read the labels. T&T legally have to be in the ingredients listing. So check it out and make the best decision you can!

On a less sanitary note: there are only a few days left to vote for what Toronto restaurant we review next...let us know where you think we should go! top left of this page you will find a poll!

love Kristen

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