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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dinner Out In Paris France

    Being on a five month get away, you can’t exactly afford the luxury of fancy dinners out every night, especially in Paris. You can find very affordable spots however, with really great food, and cheap wine. We managed to get in two dinners out, and both very impressive;

Bouillion Chartier

    Emmanuel chose this place; it is very popular, with good food and cheap prices. It’s is very old, and used to feed blue collar workers home style cooked meals at inexpensive prices. Part of the decor is many little chubby holes that the workers could keep their tabs in while awaiting pay day.

    First I had the snails; you have to have snails in Paris. The problem was I ordered 12, thinking that one of the other 7 people at the table would have some, and they didn’t. 3 or 4 snails are enough for me. Next I had the duck confit, and this was a very pleasant surprise. I have had my share of duck confit, and it is fall off the bone tender. This little guy came out looking dry, and crisp. But after removing the skin, the meat was just as tender as I am used to, but I also had crispy skin! Amazing!

    Kristen had a beautiful salad to start, and the steak for dinner. The steak had great flavour, but was very fatty and tough in spots. It was probably a translation problem, but it definitely wasn't the cut of meat she thought she was getting, but it was not a total loss. The whole meal cost us 30 Euros!

George’s Place

    After a long day of touring, we found ourselves in the swank part of Paris, and starving! So what to do? We walk a few blocks, and down a little side street, and find George’s. It is a beautiful and quant looking place, with a server that takes your hand to show you to the table, and a piano man to boot.

    We got a tomato and mozzarella salad to start, because we somehow felt we had not had enough cheese, and this time I got the steak, and Kristen got the duck. Everything was beautiful. Kristen’s duck was juicy, but lacking crispy skin mind you. My steak was cooked to a perfect med rare and covered in a truffle sauce that I honestly think I could just drink. Both came with a big helping of dimed potatoes, and veggies, we could just say we were both really happy. So this meal was a little more expensive, although sitting here right now I can’t  remember the exact cost, it wasn’t extravagant however, I’m going to put in an educated guess of 65 Euros, and that included wine. We both agreed that in Toronto, the cost would be way higher.

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