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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Eiffel Tower - Paris, France

WE MADE IT and we lucked out, our one rain free sunny say we decided to venture over to the Tour Eiffel!

It was busy, but not as bad as I was expecting! Tourists all snapping pictures of the world renowned tower, and "street vendors" trying to sell you miniature versions, saying hello in every language possible until they feel they have found the right one! (helpful tip, if you say No thank you in the native language of what ever country you are in they tend to only ask you 4-5 times, not like when you respond in English and the follow you for 8 blocks!)

We didn't go up, we didn't feel we needed to, after all the best view in this part of the city is from the ground looking up! (also it costs WAY to much, and we already had an incredible city view for free from the hill at "Sacre Coeur").

We spent a lovely afternoon snapping pictures and admiring the view, and also enjoying some yummy treats from a near by cafe! A tangy lemon and a buttery pecan tart with coffees to finish up!

Au revoir Paris, à bientôt and thank you for everything... especially the cheese :) ! 

Tomorrow we are off to Italy...Venice to be more specific! See you soon!

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