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Monday, April 15, 2013

La Duree - Paris France

Before going to Paris, the one thing everyone told me was "YOU HAVE TO GO TO LA DUREE". I had herd of it before, and I do like Macaroons, but I really had no idea why everyone was so passionate and excited about this shop!

We walk in and it was rows and rows of incredibly sweet smelling, brightly colored little circles of amaingness, lining the counter! There are tarts and pastries and macaroon towers, coffee, tea and even a bar in the back!

The people that work the counter move the line along very quickly, so fast that I didn't even have a chance to look at all the flavors! They were pleasant but seemed a little bit impatient with the customers who all seemed to be distracted and intoxicated by the wonderful aroma! I ordered quickly, choosing some traditional flavors like Vanilla and pistachio, then some of the more interesting ones like rose and blood orange! Sarah and I both got a box for gifts, and then we decided to get a couple to try for ourselves! We shared, Vanilla, rose, salted caramel and blood orange. Let me tell you, they were all melt in your mouth SPECTACULAR! The shop was incredible, so wonderful in fact that the hurried service of the counter staff doesn't seem to bother me or deter me from going back! Actually I don't think anything will stop me from going back! 

I for sure had a "travel moment". There I was walking on the streets of Paris with one of my best friends enjoying one of the best things to come out of the city! Between the amazing cheese, macaroon and wine....I would be in serious trouble if I lived in Paris!

We were not actually allowed to take pictures inside the shop, as I found out in a lot of shops in Paris....after I took a picture and got in trouble! But!! We did manage to get a few before we ran out!

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