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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Venice Italy, a First Impression

     We take a bus from Paris to Venice, and we managed to get a seat together this time. This was not easy I should add people were pushing shoving and practically fist fighting to get on the bus. I honestly have never seen anything like it. Even waiting to put our suitcase on the bus people budded and pushed. I patiently waited until everyone else fought their way through, and put ours on last. The bus driver asked me where I was from at this point, and I said Canada, he laughed at this, of course I was from Canada.

    We get dropped off in Venice, or so we are told. It is literally a parking lot, there is water, and some industrial looking buildings, and not much else. So what do we do? Is there a boat? A ferry? We have no wifi, and there is no one even around to ask. We then see a sign to a Metro, sort of.

    We go up to this “Metro”, and get in. It seems there are 3 stops, the one we are at, the Marina, and another one that’s name means nothing to either of us. We get to the Marina, and it looks much like the stop we just left, maybe even a bit more industrial, where the h@#l are we? Next stop looks better, at least there are people, still no sign of the Venice we have pictured.

We ask directions to a hostel, and simply get told to go over the bridge. I don’t want to! We have no idea where we are, there are 6 men asking to carry my bag for 5 Euros, no thank you, and unless I do pay some strange man to carry my bag, I will have to drag “The Beast” over the bridge. But again, it must be done, so I drag “The Beast” up and over this bridge, and there it is the water canals, the gondolas, the streets lined with Venetian masks. It is all everyone has ever said it would be, it’s beautiful. Yup, we are in Venice. 

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