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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weekly Rituals

It seems to be that about once a week I go through this interesting night where I cant fall asleep to save my life! It is now 2:46 am here in toronto and I am wide awake. I tried going for a walk. Having a Snack. Reading a book. Watching tv...pretty much everything I listed in my blog last week and nothing seems to be working. Maybe its a time in my week that my mind is giving me to be creative. So I am planning. Planning my course of action for the next 8 months...while i watch season 2 of Departures.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter with my Toronto Family

It was pretty wonderful, and my scalloped potatoes were a hit. We also chowed down on some bone in ham glazed with fruit juice and skewered with dried fruits, green beans, bacon wrapped dates and Swiss cheese and some veggies and dip to start....the dip we had was absolutely amazing i could have eaten it with a spoon. It was a Peruvian style dip...I will have to get the recipe from my friend Salim to share with everyone!

Other then that we drank wine, listened to music, chatted, played with Kylie ( Salim's dog) and had a wonderful time!

I hope every ones Easter weekend was as full of love and good food as mine was!

Till tomorrow!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Vegan Experiment

Tonight me and my selected family (best friends) are having our easter dinner, I working at a butcher shop decided i would supply the lovly bone in smoked ham, but I also have wanted to challenge myself as of late. I have been trying to think of different food challenges that would fit me that I could test out and write about for a month or longer...Trying out a vegan lifestyle is one of those choices. So along with my ham I am going to bring with me some vegan scalloped potatoes :) wish me luck, when you are use to cooking with cheese and dairy and eggs, it can make thing a tad difficult. here we go! this is the recpie that I found and am going to test out, i might tweek it a little bit!

2lbs yukon potatoes
1 1/4 cups water
1 cup plain soymilk
1/2 cup nutritional yeast
3 tablespoons cornstarch
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon onion powder
2 tablespoons raw cashew butter
1 teaspoon white miso

off to the store I go :) 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day :) My gift to the inter-earth, my nephew : being as cute as ever!

Sunday Dinner on a Friday and Happy Earth Day

So its Good Friday today so we are celebrating our Easter dinner today because its the only day we can all get together.

Holiday dinners means that mom is cooking, this makes me super happy. Not only do I not have to cook, and get to enjoy my moms wonderful cooking, but I get to spend more time with my nephew...and write this blog post.

Post on dinner and Earth Day Later this eve.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Article writen based on a very good friends interview

"Uglies need not apply".... thoughts?
‘Uglies’ need not apply Choosing employees based on looks seems inherent to the service industry By KRISTY BROWNLEE
Trendy restaurants across the country are known for more than their tapas. Their employees, gorgeous, long-legged waitresses who strut over to tables like they’re on the catwalk, are not there by accident. Just like each menu item is intricately plated, staff members are screened for their busts and rear-ends, says a former restaurant manager. Darren Hawker, 40, a former assistant general manager at Yorkdale Moxie’s Classic Grill in Toronto, said he was directed by upper management to hire busty and thin applicants, regardless of whether or not they were qualified. “If I wanted to hire someone the immediate question was about their look, if they had a nice ass or a decent rack,” said Hawker, a 24-year restaurant industry veteran. “They had to have a good figure because that’s what attracted the men in to come drink.” But what if by the luck of the gene pool you’re not blessed with a perky chest and firm behind? Stacey Ball, a Toronto-based employment lawyer, said a case could made for job-seekers who are refused employment for being ugly. “A case could definitely be made under the human rights code. It’s a live issue,” Ball said. According to human rights law in Ontario, similar to elsewhere in Canada, employers cannot discriminate when hiring based on age, religion, ethnic background, sexual orientation or physical disability. “Let’s say you’re simply ugly due to your luck of the gene pool, is that a medical condition? That could be argued. That’s your genetic composition,” Ball said. To be sure no ‘uglies’ even got an interview, Hawker said he and other front of house staff were directed to screen applicants coming through the door at Moxie’s, and mark resumes with a “110” (one-ten) if they were unattractive. It’s an internal code for “do not call,” he said. (Put a diagonal line between the pair of ones and it forms ‘NO’). Similar practices are allegedly in place at other restaurants across the country. While on staff at Earls Kitchen and Bar in Edmonton - renowned for its bevy of beauties serving customers - Hawker said the hiring motto was “If you’d f—- them, hire them.” Spokespeople for both Moxie’s and Earls denied hiring for looks. “It is possible that people who have come from other companies have used (the 1-10 rating code), but it is not something we endorse or teach,” said Sue Thomson, vice president of marketing at Moxie’s. Ann Topp, a managing partner who helps hire staff for Earls in Toronto, said the company seeks applicants with a good first impression and experience. In the retail world, clothing chain American Apparel requires job applicants to submit head-to-toe photos of themselves along with their resumes. Stephanie, a former manager at American Apparel in Toronto, said only petite, good looking people are hired, regardless of experience. “Everyone is thin and attractive,” said the five-foot-five, 110 pound woman, who did not want her last name published. The former staffer said she feels badly that the company only hires the beautiful, even if an average person had more experience. “It’s awful. Just because someone is pretty doesn’t mean they know how to sell anything. Hiring people by looks may attract someone into the store, but it doesn’t mean they will get anything,” said Stephanie. American Apparel would not comment, but a post on the fast-fashion retailer’s website says that the body shots are to reflect “personal taste and fashion sensibility,” and adds, “Please remember we are open-minded and are looking for individuals who are of all shapes and sizes.” Less-than-average looking people avoid even applying for jobs at certain places to avoid disappointment, says an applicant. While waiting for a job interview at The Keg Steakhouse and Bar in Mississauga, Ont., a nicely-dressed slightly overweight woman with serving experience and her resume in hand said, “Earls only hires models. I wouldn’t even think to apply there.”

When I Cant Sleep

I clean my apartment, watch movies, read a wonderful book, go out with some amazing people and dance, alphabetize my book/DVD collection, fold my laundry, brainstorm blog ideas, cook, moisturize probably too much, move the furniture around to create a new space, do sit ups,text pretty much everyone on my contact list listen to music, cruise youtube, try and avoid facebook, do some yoga, try to fall asleep, meditate, write stories/blogs/recipes that don't make sense in the morning, check the clock constantly, pretend I am Adam Lambert and dance around my apartment to "For Your Entertainment", "day" dream about pretty ladies I have a crush on, call my mom, make a list of ways I can improve my life, and like I said earlier, make silly blog posts...welcome to my night, I have done pretty much every one of these things tonight because I had the night off and then could/cant fall asleep :-)

Not sleeping I guess can be kind of productive, at least all my chores are done.

Friday, April 15, 2011

National day Of Silence

On the National Day of Silence hundreds of thousands of students nationwide take a vow of silence to bring attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in their schools. For more information, visit http://www.dayofsilence.org

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taking Back April

So as you may or may not know April has not really been my month. I have accepted this and know that May better watch out because I am coming in full force. But I figured I might as well have April go out with a bang, so I picked up some tickets to see UH HUH HER live at the Mod Club, on April 30th. I am so excited to leave April with a bang and take on May as a new me! 

I have alot of changes going on in my life most of them I cant talk about yet because nothing is finalized....but this girls world is about to be shaken!

Pizza Libretto

 Ricotta, roasted red peppers and basil bruchetta

 Potato, goat cheese and mozzarella fritters

 Eggplant, basil, tomato and salted ricotta pizza
 Margarita Pizza yummo

As I am sure you can tell from the pictures of our dinner it was fantastic, I can with out a doubt say I have never had better pizza in my life! the crust is the perfect mixture of soggy, crunchy and burnt...my mouth waters just thinking about it. The appetizers were a perfect preface to the pizza, portioned appropriatly, and packed full of flavor. If you are in Toronto and want some REAL pizza, go...GO...right now! ITS AMAZING!  

After mom and I had our amazing Neapolitan dinner, we went off in search of a frame for this wonderful center fold of the "Edible Toronto" Magazine. If you cant tell by the picture bellow its basically a periodic table of fruits and veg, when they come into season, and the best things to do with them. It is of course in accordance to Ontario Farming, but I thought it was wonderful...so wonderful I framed it and hung it up in my kitchen :) 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

thirteen hours

I just got home from a very long work day and I am so ready for a cup of Davids tea, my book "committed" and then sleep! SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP!!!! Sleep is so important to your daily health and its something that I have not been getting close to enough of. I really need to work on that!

So far "committed" by Elizabeth Gilbert is pretty good. I am only 2 chapters in though but judging from her previous scribbles, I am sure I will like this one.

I am one of those people who doesn't watch a lot of TV but once I start watching a show I HAVE to watch it from episode one till the end...and its pretty much all I do. I get hooked on them and I cant not watch the next episode. I went through this last month with Criminal Minds, I would catch myself spending entire days off watching it, only getting up to pee or grab some grub. I am taking a vow right now to put an end to such shenanigan's. I need to expand my brain not let it melt. I will give allowances for movies once and a while, and I have to make an allowance once a week for GLEE when it comes back on but other then that this girl is spending her time with her nose in the books...where it should be! Although Criminal Minds was kind of educational, most shows that are on TV are not...like the one I am going to stop being addicted to right now, its funny but not helping my brain power.  So you herd it first folks...if you catch me watching/talking about a TV show give me a good old smack!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

David and Elizabeth

Tonight I am going to chill out and read my new book "committed" by Elizabeth Gilbert and drink some serious tea from Davids Tea...its called read my lips....seriously the best tea on the planet!!!!!!

After that a trip to zippers for the Drag king show...I am sure there will be pictures to follow :)


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

lumberjack chic- our dinner at Woodlot

An amazing hidden gem at college and Palmerston, right in the center of Toronto's little Italy. It is a place I really recommend but please make a reservation this small very open concept resto fills up quickly. The warm atmosphere is elevated by the large wood burning stove right in plain view of all patrons....it is quite and experience...GO GO GO!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

rants and reviews

Today was probably the worst day of my entire life. I had a terrible day at work where absolutely nothing was going right, probably because my mind is elsewhere, and on top of that I come home to my landlord telling me that he believes I am lying and didn't pay my rent, that I am trying to make him look like a criminal and basically i am a terrible human being. Now if I didn't pay my rent I would not be ranting to you lovely people about it, nor would I be so upset. Basically the next step is to talk to the building owner and find out what I need to do. I think my landlord changed his tune because he got in shit...all I want is for this to be all over. But enough about my complaining about my terrible life here is the review on my brunch at the Drake Hotel this past Sunday.

As you can tell from the pictures mom had a waffle with fried chicken and chunky cherry jam, which was wonderful. It was my first taste of chicken and waffles and I can now see why people enjoy it so much! I had a veggie breakfast burrito filled with scrambled eggs, avocado, bell peppers, red onions and medium cheddar. It was wonderful and filling and made me smile. The chutney that it was served with I was not so sure about, and to tell you the honest truth I am not even too sure what it was, either way the main part of my brunch was wonderful. Service was quick and polite and we were not bothered at all which is exactly how I like my brunch service. Let me drink my coffee and eat my meal and don't spent too much time at my table please, this is how my brunch servers get good tips...hint hint.

I have been to the Drake Hotel many times for drinks after work but I had never been to eat. So far my experiences there have been great, all I need to do to get the full picture is to have dinner there :) all in good time.

So I am sitting here at midnight popping  "Julie and Julia" into my DVD player because it is probably the only movie I have that will make me happy. I wish there was a place by my house that served duck confit at this hour, that would truly make me happy, until I can get some duck I guess nutella will have to suffice! 

I hope you all (if there is anyone even reading this blog) had a wonderful monday and the rest of the work is even better :)

Updates and maybe some enviro ideas tomorrow

nighty night

Sunday, April 3, 2011

No Cash and Cracked Pots

This week has really been a week sent to test me! First I stupidly put a ceramic pot on the stove top and cracked it....causing a minor fire to break out in my kitchen...not one of my most proud kitchen moments.Last night I came home to a note on my door from my landlord about my rent, I put it in the drop box, but he cant find it...once again another lesson learned NEVER EVER pay rent in cash!!!!!!! All I can say is that I am so grateful I have my best friend here to help me through this... The rent problem is still in limbo....i havent been sleeping much! PLUS waiting for my landlord to let me know whats going on has made me miss my favorite yoga class ever! I am very very sad today!!!!!

On top of all that I am having major work issues, and cant really decide what my next life step will be...but I got a new lesbian movie called Go Fish and had a wonderful brunch at the Drake Hotel with my mom...I will watch and hope this all works out and was just the universe trying to tell me to not be so trusting of everyone...or cook wear!!!

review on the Drake Hotels brunch will be posted up later tonight...after this rent issue is *fingers crossed* resolved and I have had an entire bottle of wine :)

hope all of your weeks have been full of joy and enlightenment

Until tonight!